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I want to start this video off on a positive note.

You will never be rich!

It’s not something that people hear enough. Based on the demographics of people who watch my videos most of you are from advanced countries so you will be doing well by global standards but you still won’t be rich

The one percent is exactly that one percent of the population even if you do everything right even if you save regularly even if you invest wisely even if you binge watch finance channels and even if you were lucky enough to be born in a country with some degree of social mobility you probably have a 1 in 10 chance of making it at best

So why aren’t we taught this more often? Well because people don’t like to hear it it’s much more fun to binge watch channels or read books that promise that if you do this you will be rich if you learn to manage real estate you will be rich if you turn credit cards you will be rich if you live below your means you will be rich it’s easy to see the appeal but how many works is where dreams come to die so to kick off the new year i want to look at a few reasons why you will never be truly wealthy

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