Let’s go through the Customs Arrival Form together!
Whether you’re bringing medicines into the country, or transporting cremated remains or just wanna make sure that you go over the limits, this video is for you!

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0:00-3:31 Customs Advisory
3:31-5:41 Prohibited Items
5:41-10:49 Duty and Tax Free Privileges
10:49-23:51 Customs Form

🔴January Travel Protocols:

Complete Travel Guide for Balikbayans (Former Filipinos and their Families):

🔴All passengers bound for the Philippines must register to E-TRAVEL:
Tutorial Guide for E-TRAVEL (ENGLISH):
Tutorial Guide for E-TRAVEL (FILIPINO):

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🔴Philippine Exit Requirements for Foreign Tourists, Balikbayans, Duals, and Filipino Residents Abroad:

Filipino Tourists departing the Philippines may be required by Philippine Immigration to secure travel medical insurance. For this, you may check out Safetywing:

Foreign Tourists, except those covered by Balikbayan Privilege, may be required by airlines and immigration to show an exit ticket. You may rent a ticket here to satisfy this requirement for just $14:

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🔴Want to stay longer than 30 days? It’s easy!:
First extension Quick Process:

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