In this video I talk about Robert Kiyosaki and his recent tweets talking about silver price and a stock market crash. Robert Kiyosaki is saying that he believes we are headed for another stock market crash and that your window to buy silver in 2023 may be closing. I have been silver stacking for a few years myself and I do agree that the silver price is relatively low. Silver usually does the opposite of whatever the dollar does. The USD is fairly strong right now. I agree that when the FED pivots and the dollar gets dramatically weaker that silver price will go up. I do not know if $500 silver is likely in the next few years or not but either way I will be buying more silver myself. Robert Kiyosaki talks about investing in silver and silver stacking as if it a necessity and I agree that it is. I do not know where silver price is headed, but I am stacking as much silver as I can right now. Below is the link to my rumble channel:

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