WallStreetBooyah has over 6,000 Twitch subscribers. What happens on his channel and why are investors like John watching everyday? Twitch isn’t somewhere you would think to go for financial information. But there’s a daily party of whip smart commentary, irreverence, and raw business entertainment on WallStreetBooyah’s channel.

The anonymous man in the bat mask is inventing a new category and podcasting just may follow. Get up to speed on Twitch and the evolution of financial news in this episode with Booyah, digital marketing expert John Andrews, and host Emily Binder.

Attention is shifting.

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People like to watch real people. Trust in official news orgs and in advertising and marketing as a whole is at an all time low, with 17% of people saying they trust news on social media (Kantar Research, 2020).

BIO: Wall Street Booyah:
ScruffBat. Millennial. Idiot. 🌈 🐻 Twitch person. Fighting JPow and his money printer with the power of music. Not financial advice.

BIO: John Andrews has 20+ years of work in the digital marketing field. He helped build one of the first “people as media” platforms at Walmart called Elevenmoms and founded Collective Bias (Acquired by Inmar in 2016) and teaches as an adjunct professor at NC State University. John is CEO of Photofy, a community content creation platform.

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John Andrews is back! If you missed the last episode:

We talked about the Robinhood millennial investor and how Twitch and live streaming with an interactive audience could be the future of podcasting.

– 4:50 “Elon is a 21st century Howard Hughes, it’s a matter of time ’til he locks himself in a room full of pee bottles.”
“Chewy has been dicking around all week.”
“Tesla is a scam in many ways, but Elon is far from dumb.”
–sample quotes from Booyah’s Twitch stream
-Dave Portnoy (Barstool Sports founder, with 1.5 million Twitter followers: – controversial but popular and influential, getting play on major financial news that claim to dislike him
-CNBC and Bloomberg style news vs. Twitch and Robinhood investors
-$0 commission on trades – democratizing investing and how this trend has played out
-Trading in the Coroneconomy (Robinhood investors and day trading, airlines, cruise industry and more)
– 13:28 Efficient Market Hypothesis (“price is built into the market”)
– 20:01 Mom bloggers to influencer marketing to Instagram – trends in influence
-Tesla and Elon Musk (future Howard Hughes?)
– 22:10 Emotional investing and cable news – anecdote Emily mentioned was via Dr. Daniel Crosby, NYT best selling author of “The Behavioral Investor” – a great read, pick it up:

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