What is the Best Investing App for the Beginner Investor in 2021 and beyond? Today I’ll rule out the MANY popular choices for investing and recommend what I believe to be the easiest and best overall app for the beginner investor!

To my international friends outside the U.S.: at this time Acorns is only available for U.S. residents!

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📚The 3 books I recommend most often:
📖Atomic Habits by James Clear:
📖Financial Freedom by Grant Sabatier:
📖Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin:

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The investing app I only like because they give you free stocks!
Get 2 Free stock(s) with WeBull after you deposit $100!

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My Favorite place to take online classes: Skillshare
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Handy Timeline:
0:00 Intro
0:12 The History
1:21 New Technologies
2:32 Why NOT RH
6:02 Why NOT WeBull
7:23 2nd Place: M1 Finance
8:41 Why NOT the Old Guys
12:34 Long Term View
13:34 Let’s Talk About Fees
14:25 Tangent
15:00 More on Fees
15:51 Extra Features
18:11 My Account
20:15 Horse Analogy
21:20 Questions?
22:00 Start early, Get Rich
22:50 THANKS!
23:39 Cows!

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