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The financial industry is growing day by day. It needs professionals who can solve problems with analytics and problem solving ski.lls. Whether youre looking to gain an entry level finance qualification, a degree in finance , or an MBA specialising in the financial sector, youll find rewarding career opportunities. Organisations will always be in need of employees to manage and ea.rn mon. ey for them, meaning that a certain amount of jo.b security is almost guaranteed once you have the transferable ski.lls needed to get started. If youve thought about studying a finance or banking qualification but arent sure where to start, check the advantages of pursuing a degree in Finance. Advantages of studying a finance degree Gain leadership and management competencies as well as technical knowledge. Opportunities to tailor your lea.rning to match your future goals Increased ea.rning potential Global jo.b opportunities across multiple sectors Finance Bachelors degree While studying for a bachelors degree in finance you will develop an in depth understanding of the sector, and be able to effectively utilise computerised financial programmes as well as gaining an awareness of domtic and global ecomies. You will also become proficient in ski.lls related to invtment, management and research. After graduating with a degree in finance, there are many careers to choose from, such as financial analyst or financial advisor. Many people choose to co.ntinue their education at masters degree level, which then opens up careers within corporate finance, equity research, and risk management. The major finance degrees that are chosen by students BSc Financial Management Lea.rn how to manage financial information, and acquire the business ski.lls needed to compete in the finance sector. You will study topics including quantitative methods, microecomics, macroecomics, financial accounting, corporate finance, financial markets, and personal finance, to name a few. This degree programme is ideal for professionals looking to jumpstart their career. Graduates can go on to become bank branch managers, financial analysts, financial planners, and security analysts. Finance Masters degrees If youre looking to widen your ski.ll set and progress further as an already tablished finance professional, or if you are a recent bachelors graduate and are keen to co.ntinue your studies at a higher level, a masters in finance is sure to provide the knowledge and ski.lls required to set you on a path into the finance career of your choice. Even amid a fluctuating ecomic climate, there is co.nsistently large demand for experts in corporate finance, commercial banking, mon. ey management and financial planning, all of which become viable career paths with this type of qualification. Types of careers in Finance Corporate Finance Commercial Banking Financial Planning Invtment Finance Public Accounting Financial Advisors Collectors Loan Officers How worng in finance sector worth? Steven A. Cohen is the 30th richt man in the U.S. His net worth is timated to be $13 billion. Cohen wor.ks in finance. Specifically, he heads the hedge fund formerly known as SAC Capital. But how exactly does one go about becoming the 30th richt man in the U.S., the 72nd richt in the world? Ref https // forbesm/sites/stephaniedenning/2017/02/15/is worng in finance worth it/ 55fbb1f062c7 According to the LinkedIn, the hight paying jo in finance in the USA are Managing director Median base salary $368,000 Medical director Median base salary $279,000 Invtment banking associate Median base salary $240,000 Regional vice president Median base salary $220,000 Vice president of strategy Median base salary $192,000 Director of risk management Median base salary $187,000 Vice president of finance Median base salary $171,000 Vice president of invtment Median base salary $170,000 Director of product management Median base salary $168,000 Senior portfolio manager Median base salary $165,000 So, studying a degree in finance is worth for the people who want to wor.k in the finance sector. I hope this answer will give you some useful information. All the be! Source https // edologym/blog/accounting finance/why study finance online/ https // m/What are some career paths in finance/answer/David Mike 29