In this video, renowned Wall Street trader and financial commentator Victor Sperandeo and James Turk, director of the GoldMoney Foundation, discuss whether or not gold is still a good buy at these prices, and some of the macroeconomic trends that have powered the gold and silver bull markets. Victor and James also talk about the dire fiscal position the US government is in, and some of the political and economic pressures that could affect the 2012 US presidential campaign. They talk about the prospect of international investors forcing up the US government’s borrowing costs, and how interest payments are forming an ever-growing part of the Federal government’s budget. They also discuss what the tipping point will be for the US economy, the dollar and the US government. In Trader Vic’s view, Ben Bernanke and the Fed are hoping to inflate away the government debts and liabilities. They speak about the European sovereign debt crisis affecting countries like Greece and Ireland, and whether or not the euro and the European Union will survive in their present forms. At the end they discuss the recent movements in the silver price, and whether or not the recent Comex margin hikes were justified. Trader Vic also comments that given central banks efforts to debase paper currencies and keep real interest rates negative, investors should buy tangible inflation-proof assets such as precious metals and commodities.