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Mark Cuban has had a few choice words for Congress.

Cuban tells CNBC Make It, the current stalemate is a result of a “lack of leadership and hyper-partisanship” and says that “all current politicians are complicit in the problem.”

This is not the first time Cuban has shared his thoughts.

Cuban has said, “the voice of the American people is stronger than any politician but no one seems to want to listen to us. That is the first thing that needs to change.”

As of late, we have heard many top business executives voicing their frustration with Congress.

Cuban has always advocated for another stimulus with even saying Americans should receive $1,000 every 2 weeks.

He brings up a good point and we all love to see that much in our bank accounts.

A top Democrat is urging that expansions of the earned income tax credit must be included in the next coronavirus relief package.

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal is urging this issue saying that these expansions could help families and workers.

Neal said,” The decision to exclude these provisions means that workers and families will miss out on thousands of dollars they need to get back on their feet in the coming months.

If they can get this passed in the bill, many families with or without children could be receiving thousands of dollars in tax credits.

It also would allow taxpayers to use their 2019 income for purposes of claiming the credit on their 2020 tax returns instead of their 2020 income.

Mitch McConnell announced Saturday that the Senate will vote on the $500 billion GOP coronavirus relief bill on Wednesday.

The bill is less than a third of the $1.8 trillion that the Dems offered up.

The Dems have previously blocked a similar bill in the past.

McConnel said in a statement, “Nobody thinks this $500 billion proposal would resolve every problem forever. It would deliver huge amounts of additional help to workers and families right now while Washington keeps arguing over the rest.”

The GOP bill will include funding for schools, expanded unemployment benefits, and a second round of Paycheck Protection Program.

A standalone vote on more PPP funds will be on Tuesday.

As we only have 18 days until the election, lawmakers are being put under intense pressure to get some type of deal done.

Here’s your daily stimulus check, your second stimulus check, your executive action, order, memorandums, moratoriums, and stimulus package update for Sunday, October 18th, 2020.


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