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Here are seven signs you are not ready for online business success. Not in any particular order, they include:

1. You are not curious, indeed more often than not, you’re sceptical that individuals such as you are building successful online businesses and making money.
2. You are not paranoid, indeed you suspect online business could be a fad and can soon get away.
3. You think Social Media could be a distraction; if you utilize SM the least bit, you employ it for the “social” aspect. Social media like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are business tools if you recognize a way to use them.

4. You lack a production mindset, you rather consume, and if you produce in the least, you’re inconsistent. To succeed online, especially if you’re selling digital products, you need to be a prolific producer.

5. You wear the toga of expert, always asking, “What can anybody teach me?” As Steve Jobs said in Stanford’s 2005 Commencement address, “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.”

6. You target the negatives: fraud, complexity, and technicalities etc., thus convincing yourself “it’s not for me”. the net has its dark side. It also has its consolation. Embrace the brilliant side.

7. You reside in a “satisfied life” believing you’re already successful so “why bother?” this is often the attitude of high corporate earners. Why not invest and find out how you’re earning high; sooner or later, you’ll retire.

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