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On this vlog episode we share with you our thoughts on why we feel Real estate in the Azores is a great investment; especially now. We bought a rustic property on Pico Island recently; thought it would be great time to pass forward our positive experience to you.

All 9 islands of the Azores have been gaining popularity in the last couple of years. This popularity is not only in Tourism, it also carries over to retirement. There is a continues increase in Portuguese immigrants and expats settling down in the Azores

Why buy now? One very important reason is that these Portuguese islands are not saturated; you can still find variety, quality and value to suit your tastes and budgets. We believe that investing in real estate in the Azores is sound, healthy, rewarding and life changing.

Azores checks most of the boxes: safe, affordable, peaceful, hospitable, healthy, nature, dramatic landscapes, low crime, very little pollution, well connected to the world and much more.

In the last part of this episode we will also take you on a tour of a typical rustic home that happens to be for sale. On the video we state the house is 100 years old but in fact it was built in the 80’s! This will give you an idea on what this type of property is like.

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Here is the link of our arrival on Pico Island vlog – episode 2

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Carlos & Laura
Our journey on Pico island