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INVEST in SPACE ETFs – Branson, Musk, Bezos

The successful Virgin Galactic flight to the edge of space with Richard Branson on board, and the upcoming Jeff Bezos flight on board the Blue Origin rocket New Shepard have officially kickstarted the age of space tourism.

While there are major differences between the Branson-Bezos sub-orbital type of flights and the SpaceX orbital travel – the price tag sure is high for either of these.

The question is – how do you invest in this Space? How can you benefit from the upcoming build-up in infrastructure around space travel and exploration?

The easiest way is to buy one of the three ETFs around Space discussed in this video:
1. ARK Space Exploration and Innovation – #ARKX
2. Procure Space – #UFO
3. SPDR S&P Kensho Final Frontiers – #ROKT

Good luck conquering this #Space! 🤞🍀


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