How to buy SafeMoon after being blocked! As discussed in the video, safe moon is currently the number 1 searched crypto in the world.

How do you buy the cryptocurrency SAFE MOON using Trust Wallet iPhone?

In this video, I explain how to exactly invest into safe moon using Trust app on an iPhone before it becomes an easily tradable crypto to the public.

Step by Step Description To Follow:

1. Buy or own cryptocurrency on a cryptocurrency app, in the video I explain how to do this through my already owned Ethereum on coinbase!

2. Download the app “Changelly” and hit the exchange button

3. You then need to download “Trust” and hit the receive button on the coin BNB and get a QR code.

4. With the QR code, copy it or have it on a computer

5. GO to Changelly and input the amount of specific crypto that you are going to send to BNB, then hit next step and scan the QR code of the “receive BNB from TRUST”

6. From here click next step and copy the address on changelly, then go to your crypto app such as coinbase.

7. click the wallet and top right “send to” and put that address in order to send and transfer crypto from Coinbase to new BNB on Trust !

8. BNB to Smart chain just click more on the BNB on Trust

9. Then browser menu on Trust click pancake swap and enter SafeMoon to swap too. if you don’t have the four square browser use the link below.
Link to enable PancakeSwap “Dapps” (iPhone doesn’t have it): trust://browser_enable

10. Hit the filter (3 line on pancake swap) and switch to 12% and you now have SafeMoon!

The reason of this video is because since 8 hours ago the servers have been crashed/down from Trust to buy BNB that allows you to then transfer into Safe Moon.

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App’s needed in order to buy this:
Trust – App that you will get BNB and then swap to SafeMoon
Changelly – This app helps you transfer from any crypto you buy or own, transferring to BNB on the Trust app

Safemoon BSCscan:

Safemoon Website:

▬▬▬ Safemoon vs. DogeCoin ▬▬▬

The volume for doge coin in the past 24 hours has been roughly 25B while safemoon has been about $34…Million.

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00:00 Intro
00:57 Transfer Crypto to BNB
03:48 Get Browser for PancakeSwap
04:20 BNB to Smart Chain
04:54 Smart Chain to SafeMoon
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I love the fact of thinking that if you invest $1,000 today that it could be like $2 Million (ex: huge number) if the coin gets to a dollar haha.

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Disclaimer: I am not a financial expert and everything said in this video was said to help give you knowledge, you should not buy a stock or rely on me because of my personal opinions.

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