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The stock market is going to move in the morning tomorrow as experts expect Georgia runoff election results to be in as soon as the AM. I go over what this means for the stock market, as well as one big trade I am looking to short. The stock market was very active news wise today, but didn’t have the same volatility as we saw the day prior. With positive ISM numbers and Oil news, markets saw a little pop and as probabilities for a blue wave dropped slightly today, the market was able to find some footing. All in all though, we still have a few events pointing to an active January in the stock market, but one thing is for certain, and that is the potential effect tomorrow results can have on what the market is pricing in. After this brief market recap and stock analysis, I go over my big short trade, or one stock I am looking to short, as well as other stocks I’m buying. The main stocks to watch are BABA stock, MU stock & UNH stock to trade the runoffs. ITS GOING TO BE EXCITING ALL JANUARY SO I HOPE YOU ARE READY! POST YOUR WATCHLIST BELOW AND SEE YOU IN THE MORNING!!

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