In this video you learn out what is commodities are and What is Commodity Trading how they make part of your daily life. Shape a rounded insight on the many ways you can gain exposure to commodity prices and Should you Invest in Commodity or Not (Kya Apko Commodity Mein Invest karna chahiye). Take a look at the commodity trading for beginners and Advantage and Disadvantages of entering the commodity market with futures contacts, CFDs, or investment pooled funds.

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Intro ( 00:00 )
What You Learn ( 0:17 )
What is Commodity ( 0:35 )
Types of Commodity ( 0:53 )
Why Commodity are listed in Commodity Market ( 1:22 )
How Commodity are Trading in Market and Why ( 1:46 )
Advantages and Disadvantage of Commodity Trading ( 3:14 )
You you Trade in Commodity or Not ( 4:01 )
Signing Off ( 5:14 )

Disclaimer – Investors should consider carefully information about any company stocks or shares before investing because it including risks, charges, and expenses. Please read it carefully before invest. Investing involves risk, including possible loss of principal. Broker-assisted trades may have additional charges. Before investing anywhere read all the document carefully. Our purpose is to spread financial awareness about stock market, We are not SEBI registered person. But before sharing anything on this channel we try to do all possible research what information available in market.

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