A growing divergence between the United States and Russia at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has contributed to the erosion of the long-standing “Vienna spirit” that allowed the agency to successfully carry out its work as an independent technical authority. To address this challenge, NTI and the Center for Energy and Security Studies (CENESS) launched a two-year joint project in 2019 to build mutual understanding of current political and technical challenges to fully implementing IAEA safeguards and to build support for more productive cooperation and collaboration between Russia and the United States in this area.

This new joint report, The Future of IAEA Safeguards: Rebuilding the Vienna Spirit through Russian-U.S. Expert Dialogue, resulted from the work of U.S. and Russian experts, offers important findings and recommendations for the safeguards community, diplomats, and the public to bolster cooperation in this space.

The panel includes:

Corey Hinderstein, Vice President, Nuclear Threat Initiative
Anton Khlopkov, Director, CENESS
Grigory Berdennikov, Ambassador-in-Residence, CENESS
Laura Rockwood, Executive Director, Open Nuclear Network
Frederic Claude, Head, Section OC2, Department of Safeguards, IAEA

Download the report (available in English and Russian) here:



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