How to study in the US:
1) Prepare your high school transcripts from the 9th grade until your graduation grade _ the graduation diploma. Get them stamped by your high school admission or by a notary (costs money) and send them via mail to the schools when you apply.
2) Register for the SAT exam.
3) Register for the TOEFL exam. (If you’re going to an IVY league school you’ll need to take the SAT Subject exam as well!
4) Search for schools while studying for the exams using the links down below.
5) WORK ON YOUR PERSONAL ESSAY and apply to universities.
6) Affording the education: search for scholarship and financial aid opportunities.
7) Apply for a student visa in the US embassy.
8) Prepare for your departure by reading more about the school and the area and by improving your English.
9) Get yours as* over here! You’ll have the best time of your life – guaranteed.

Sign up for the tests:
Sign up for the SAT test here:
Sign up for the TOEFL test here:

Study for the tests:
Official SAT Study Guide 2020 Edition:
The Official Guide to the TOEFL Test:
Khan Academy – Free Website to Prepare for the SAT:
Good YouTube Math tutor for the SAT:
Good YouTube TOEFL tutor:

Applying for Schools:
Apply to many schools at once through the Common Application Website:

U.S. government’s free online scholarship research tool:

Useful YouTube video that helped me to write a personal essay:

Equipment Used:
“Boya” Body Microphone:
Pro Studio Lighting:
Green Screen:

Instagram: Eduard_Winner
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