A resrach in Haifa Univesity found:

The city of VELES, located in the center of northern Macedonia, has in recent years become a well-known city in the industry. The FAKE News.
The city is home to dozens of website operators who spread false stories.
During 2015 many of them realized that the American public was thirsty for news about the presidential race and the fight between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and thought it was a great topic to advance their business plans.

Initially, the columnists circulated FAKE News against the two candidates, but it soon became clear to them that the pages against Trump did not get many likes and shares, while pages in favor of Trump and Clinton were a gold mine.
“The average salary in Macedonia is about $ 400 a month, while the income of an average column yielded about $ 1,200, and there are even those who pocketed over a million dollars during the 2016 election year,” the researchers from Haifa Unicersity explained.

uring the study, the researcher conducted a number of interviews with local residents who worked in the Pike News industry and with local young people who knew the site factories. “Euros or having sex in exchange for further interviews. I decided to leave the city immediately and finished the field work faster than expected,” said the researcher, Heather Hughes.



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