Thanks for watching this coronavirus/covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) update. Discussing wider impact and latest coronavirus news and figures. Please let me know what you think about using the slides to discuss data, tomorrow I have some academic papers to discuss so it might be helpful for you to see those? Do let me know. I try to keep these brief and informative but practically helpful, if there is anything you would specifically like to see please let me know.

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CORONAVIRUS; WORRYING DEVELOPMENTS// COVID19 // What’s going on with Coronavirus


Hi, I am Elizabeth and I’m a qualified epidemiologist and Public Health specialist. Over the years I have attained my BSc Microbiology and molecular science and two masters degrees in health and Public Health/Nutrition, I am also three years into a Public Health PhD🎓My research focuses on improving and managing health and wellbeing at a population level. I have worked in this field for about 15 years now and I am more passionate about it every day!

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