Italy, France, and Spain are shutting down partially through Curfew to decrease COVID-19 deaths. They know that they can’t eliminate COVID-19 deaths from experience. They shut down completely in March 2020, but still experienced many COVID-19 deaths. Many people will die even if you have complete shutdown. But without shutdown, you can have millions of COVID-19 deaths in your country.

Unfortunately, because Italy, France, and Spain are not completely shutting down the country due to their economic concerns, Italy, France, and Spain should expect millions of COVID-19 deaths.

USA is seeing spikes in COVID-19 cases. If USA states do not shut down completely, then COVID-19 deaths can proliferate. Some states may see over 1,000,000 COVID-19 deaths because of not shutting down completely..

Some cities in USA, like New York City and Chicago, can have over 1,000,000 COVID-19 deaths by June 2021. Densely populated cities are at serious risk for many COVID-19 deaths.

Heerak predicts that thousands of children will die in every state in the USA. April 2020 gave us “New York Virus” (coined by Heerak Christian Kim to refer to mutated COVID-19 that infects and kills babies and young children). There are documented cases of children being killed by COVID-19, so parents should understand that their children can get COVID-19 and die

Heerak predicts 3 to 30 million US citizens will die by June 2021 from COVID-19 as cases in USA proliferate, heading into the 6 months long Flu Season.

Heerak predicts over 100 million COVID-19 deaths around the world by June 2021.

Heerak Christian Kim is the Independent Candidate for US Congress in Virginia 8 District, which includes Arlington County, Alexandria City, Falls Church City, and parts of Fairfax County.

Vote for Heerak Christian Kim on Absentee Ballot, Early Voting, and General Election voting ballot by writing in his name, “Heerak Christian Kim,” on the space for US Representative for Virginia 8 District. Heerak sued Virginia Governor Ralph Northam and the Virginia Department of Elections on June 3, 2020, in the Arlington Circuit Court, but COVID-19 has slowed the court process, unfortunately.

Heerak’s website is



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