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On those Videos We Discussed on Various topics.
Currently Pakistan is on FATF gray list next meeting is helding soon. Now Pakistan can be put in Blacklist by FATF and Pak Media blaming india for Putting Pakistan On FATF Blacklist in Future
Pakistan is Shocked on CDS vipin rawat statement on india-china Standoff and Pak media is now realized that India is not going to surrender against china

Pak media is ashamed on their country and their foreign policy.
They are losing their stand on Kahsmir and Baluchistan.
Here We have the Debate of Major Gaurav Arya and aarzo Kazmi.
Pak Media is Now Crying Over Pak Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Kuraishi China Visit Where No One Receives Him.
Pak Media is ranting over imran khan leadership and so called dummy pm of pakistan and on Other hand Muslim World is not Giving any importance to pakistan For example general bajwa visit to saudi arabia completely failed.

5th august is the date when Modi Abrogated article 370 and The same date ram mandir is building in ayodhya
Pakistani Can’t even Stomach Building of ram mandir and Abrogation of article 370 in kashmir
Indian PM Narendra Modi Doesn’t take the name of pakistan in several months Whereas Pakistani Pm Imran Khan can’t even Stop shouting Modi Modi
From Previous Video we Knows that this Pakistani Reporter can’t even Pronounce Hydroxychoroquine. Pakistani Reaction to india latest on Current geopolitical scenario
Pak Media is so confused about current chinese virus situation
America is Supporting India that’s why Pakistanis are crying For Kashmir During Corona Pandamic … India US Defence Deal is Final
President of USA is Supporting india and Indian Point Of view
Chinese Virus Affecting Pakistani’s Mental State…
They want to Divert Pakistani People Mind Corona To Kashmir and Ram Mandir
Pak Media is crazy over prime minister Narendra modi Action

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