New York Governor Andrew Cuomo pointed out that Orthodox Jews in New York are experiencing COVID-19 exponential growth. For over a week, COVID-19 spread among Orthodox Jewish communities in New York has been at the center of political discussion in New York. Is history repeating itself? If you remember, 1st Peak of COVID-19 in April stared with a Jewish synagogue. Is the 3rd peak of COVID-19 in October in New York starting in Jewish synagogues?

COVID-19 is spreading all over the United States of America. California, Florida, and Texas have never flattened the curve, so they continue to have high spikes in COVID-19 cases, going into 6 months of the Flu Season. Will every one of these states have over 1,000,000 COVID-19 deaths?

COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire in Midwest USA, in states like Wisconsin, Ohio, Minnesota, Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan. Will these states have millions of COVID-19 deaths in the Flu Season?

The Flu Season in USA is over 6 months long, so deaths will continue to May 2021. How 3,000,000 (3 million) to 30,000,0000 (30 million) US citizens die by June 2021?

There is no vaccine.

There is no cure.

Heerak Christian Kim predicts that there will be no cure and no vaccine for the next 10 years, at least, because COVID-19 is very complex and different strains are always mutating. Not all of the strains of COVID-19 have been identified, yet. How can you develop an effective vaccine against strains of COVID-19 that have not been identified and studied in-depth, yet?

Scientists still do not know what COVID-19 does exactly to the human body. People can die from respiratory illness, like pneumonia. But some who are infected from COVID-19 get strokes. Some become paralyzed. Some have blood-clotting problems. Because scientists do not know exactly what COVID-19 does to the human body and different people with different underlying conditions, it is impossible to make a safe vaccine that will work.

Is Jesus Christ a racist? Is God a racist? What does the Holy Bible say?

Is voting for President Donald Trump voting for the possibility that Vice President Mike Pence may become the US President?

Is voting for ex-VP Joe Biden voting for the possibility that US Senator Kamala Harris may become the US President?

Both Trump and Biden are over 70 years old and have high chance of dying in the next 6 months of the Flu Season, which means that whoever wins may have their Vice President become the US President. Thus, isn’t it important to vote for the candidate whose VP you don’t mind becoming the US President?

Heerak Christian Kim is the Independent Candidate for US Congress in Virginia 8 District, which includes Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church, and parts of Fairfax County in Virginia.

Vote for Heerak Christian Kim on November 3, 2020, in the General Election or on the Absentee Ballot or in Early Voting by writing in “Heerak Christian Kim” for US Congress in Virginia 8 District. Heerak Christian Kim filed a lawsuit against Virginia Governor Ralph Northam and Virginia Department of Elections to get his name on the ballot on June 3, 2020, in the Arlington Circuit Court. But COVID-19 has slowed the court process. But Heerak Christian Kim is an official candidate for US Congress for Virginia 8 District, officially recognized by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and the United States House of Representatives Office of the Clerk.

In the United States of America, each state handles the federal elections, however. That is why Heerak Christian Kim filed the lawsuit in the Virginia Circuit Court system in Arlington.

Heerak’s website is



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