Mayor Tom Koch with the City of Quincy COVID 19 Update for Thursday 5-21-20

Full Transcript… Hello, Quincy. Mayor Tom Koch here with our COVID-19 update. This week has been a little different, we have had some longer videos on this week to talk a little about the big picture and some projects going on. Today we are back to the stats. We have 1,120 confirmed cases in Quincy, 109 deaths which is up a little from earlier in the week, and more than 600 now have recovered and that number continues to grow. We are still on that cusp of going in the other direction which is a good thing. We are over 90,000 cases in Massachusetts. This week some things came out like the Governor’s 4 phase reopening plan. Houses of worship, manufacturing, construction, although construction never stopped in Quincy, but all of those activities are allowed this week. Next week after Memorial Day on Tuesday May 25th, hair salons and pet grooming places will be open by appointment only and some retail stores that provide curbside pickup will be allowed to do that. Of course, the bigger office components are going to be limited to 25% of their occupancy. Those are the latest announcements from the Governor. Everything else including restaurants, bars, movie theatres, gyms and other sectors will open in phase 2 and 3. There is going to be 3 weeks between each of the phases and we will stay in tune on that. If you need more information, we have it on and Either one you can get that information. Locally, if you are a business owner and you’re planning to reopen under the guidelines, please feel free to call us. We have Maureen Geary from our Planning Department who has been assigned to this. Her number is (617) 376-1266. Maureen is an economic planner and she understands the regulations and will help guide you through it. The other thing I wanted to mention was that we are here to cooperate and help. We are not out there banging doors and looking to assign fines. We are just asking that everyone be smart, follow the guidelines, use common sense and by working together we will get through all of this. I did want to bring up something I have brought up a number of times and that is the US Census. There are still a number of people who have not responded to the census. Please follow up. I encourage you to do that because it means a great deal to the city financially. A good example is the CARES Act, which was passed by congress early on, is moneys going to cities, towns, and states, that is based on a formula based on our population. So, if we do not get everyone accounted we are not going to get the money we certainly deserve in federal allocations. If you have done it, thank you, if you haven’t, do it please. Ask your neighbors friends and family to make sure they have done it as well. If there are any more questions on the virus the informational hotline is (617) 376-1288 or the Quincy Health Department is (617) 376-1272. Enjoy the beautiful weather, thank you for your cooperation and god bless.



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