App-based video autoplays on coronavirus case updates with animation and sound effects

Oct 18, 2020, Top US States and Counties

This video plays COVID-19 daily updates in Top 10 US States followed by the pandemic trend in Top 25 States and Counties, viewed from 5 different perspectives:

0:00 Top 10 US States
0:54 Top 25 Curves
8:19 Top 25 Map
12:11 Top 25 Case Updates
13:57 Top 25 Bars

Another video on our channel plays daily updates by country up to the Top 25, also viewed from 5 perspectives. You may click this video link to watch:

We have invested a lot of time and effort in developing The COVID-19 Case Data App channel, and are making these two videos daily in the hope to help you find out the answers to daily questions, without much stress, about the COVID-19 global pandemic, questions like: What are the Top 10 Countries and their locations on the map? Which Top 10 US States have the most confirmed cases, new cases and etc? With the Curves view, different countries or US states/counties are displayed side by side in descending order, making it easy for you to compare them on COVID-19 trends. The Case Updates in table view auto scrolls row by row and displays daily numbers of confirmed cases, new cases, total deaths, and new deaths.

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Courtesy of:

Cameron Appel, Diana Beltekian, Daniel Gavrilov, Charlie Giattino, Joe Hasell, Bobbie Macdonald, Edouard Mathieu, Esteban Ortiz-Ospina, Hannah Ritchie, Max Roser




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