Why don’t we see environmental issues highlighted in big news? Sadly the oil industry has been paying to advertise and greenwash themselves in big media. Having money really pays and is a huge influence on society. Some topics covered today include: the oil Industry, recycling & coral replanting.

I cover the latest news on environmental issues and at the end I talk about some positive environmental news so we can leave with some hope. My favorite courses were the ones that laid out the major issues but ended with solutions and positive stories. I loved this because it gave me hope. I’m tired of constantly feeling helpless. That’s why I hope this series will help you too.

Here are the news links:

The Guardian will no longer accept advertising from oil and gas companies:

News coverage study:
Alberta tax breaks:
Coral replanting:
Plastic bags ban for recycling:
Climate Mobilization Act passed:
Climate Mobilization Act:
EU Green Recovery:
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